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Ann Tufariello's new book, The Break-through is about an exciting journey of a 13-years-old boy. Visit to experience a story that can inspire you and your child.

  Today Real Estate: Website Development

Commercial Real Estate Professional in Bloomingdale GA, serving Savannah, Pooler, Richmondhill, Hinesville, South Carolina and surrounding area

  Website Design: Arctic Wolf

Professional publishing services any writers could use

  Website Design: Express Checks

With Flash demonstration on how company can provide service to clients

  Website Design:

For Coastal Signs in Hinesville. We re-created the website with more organized structure and accent graphics.


Jewelry and metals designer Ji Eun Lee is a recent graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design with MFA degree. Enjoy browsing her works on

  Website Design:

Pj Chen is a contemporary art and jewelry designer/professor at SCAD in Savannah, GA. The website was designed to focus on presenting her works. Here you can find many exquisite jewelry pieces made with unique creativity.


Promoting Education program in school system in Alpharetta, GA area.

  Flash Based Online Learning Course

Interactive Flash Learning Course developed for a major automobile company

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